When coaching, the simulator has several advantages over 'real life'...

You can freeze the action.....
- You can stop the 'boat' in mid-tack to point out an error
- You can freeze the action every 30 seconds before a start sequence
- You can stop short of a mark rounding to discuss options
Indoor sailing is more controlled environment
- Your coach is not shouting from a RIB, he is standing at your shoulder
- You can practice without wearing full winter kit
- You can practice manoeuvres many times over in a short space of time
The simulator records rudder angle, speed, heel, and sailing angle.....
- You can print out data for every half second of a completed session
- The simulator can show the speed you 'made good' to windward (VMG)
- You can see how long it took to regain full speed after each tack


Start Racing:
Occasionally we run 'start racing' sessions for young sailors who already have some sailing experience and
who want to start racing.  The subjects we cover include:
- How races are organised
- Where and how to sit in a boat
- Starting strategy for beginners
- The most important racing rules
- Introduction to race strategy
- How to sail your boat fast
- What to do when you get close to another boat

We aim to give sailors the confidence to have a go at racing and give them enough knowledge to keep out of trouble.
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